Safety Awareness & Trainning Posters
lifeboat launching liferaft launching Inflatable Liferaft Fully Enclosed Lifeboat Launching from Stowed Position Lifeboat Launching in a Dangerous Atmosphere
Enclosed Space Entry Preventing Oil Spills Electric Shock, Downing or Serious Injury Accommodation Ladders Gangways
Man Overboard Abandon Ship Enclosed Space and Tank Rescue Free Fall Lifeboat Launching Towing
Bunkering Post Oil Spill Actions Hot Work Working Aloft or Outboard Fire Extinguishers Type
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Craneage Safety Fire and Explosion Actions FGas Bottle Safety Welding & Flamecutting
Engine & Machinery Room Safety IMO Safety Signs Drug Warning Notice FDrug Alchohol Warning Notice Warning Drug Use & Drug Trafficking
Don't Throw Garbage Overboard Shipboard Food Hygiene Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Fire Action
Fire Action Fire Extinguishers Types and Uses Hazardous Substance Symbols COSHH Symbols Hazchem Guide
Hazard Diamonds Life Saving Appliances Symbols Hazchem Sign Guide Fire Action Adult Resuscitation
Electric Shock Safety Signs Symbols ypes of Fire Extinguishers ypes of Fire Extinguishers Fire Action
Discharge of Oil Prohibited Flammability Composition Diagram IMO Fire Control Symbols Prevent Oil Pollution Emergency Muster List
Pilot Card Emergency Plan Stop Be Warned Homeward Bound? Safety Signs Enclosed Spaces
Light, Shape & Sound Signals Life Saving Signals STOP Check Your Pockets FEmergency Evacuation Instructions Warning In Case of Fire
How to Use a Fire Blanket How to Use a Manual Water Fire Hose Reel How to Use an Automatic Water Fire Hose Reel Lifejacket Donning Instructions Davit Launched Liferafts
Treatment for Burns and Scalds International Code Signals Wheelhouse Poster (Sheet 1 of 2) Wheelhouse Poster (Sheet 2 of 2) Working with Hazardous Chemicals / Materials
Garbage Disposal Plan - MARPOL 73/78 Annex:V Electric Shock Emergency Action Liiift Kairfully Electric Arc Welding Procedures Safety Practices when Using Workshop Lathes and Grinding Wheels
7 Points of Safety Mooring - Procedure OSS Immersion Suit Safety in Kitchen First Aid Treatment Chart
Man Riding Tugger Signals Lifting Gear Color Code MARPOL Annex:I & Annex:V MARPOL Annex:VI Emergency Sopep List
Emergency Muster List IMO Fire Control Symbols (in accordance with ISO 17631:2002(E)) Evacuation Chutes & Slides Control Of Fatigue Dont Throw Garbage Overboard
Four Reasons to be careful at work Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S Safety) Its HAZARDOUS! My Carbon Footprint Rescue Boat Launching Wash Your Hands